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Let's Create Future-Proof Processes


Inspire, collaborate, innovate

Introducing open, efficient, and creative strategies to energize and enhance business, research, and education with respect for humans, nature and planet.

Curiosity and competence are key to Julie Harboe's  practice. Her expertise in creativity and transdisciplinarity stems from deep knowledge of art, history, and scientific methodologies.

Julie Harboe has extensive experience of management, planning and teaching in higher education, research, and the arts. She enables constructive  interactions and approaches challenges with inventiveness and integrity.

Lively exchanges

Co-design WORKSHOPS that activate the imagination and competencies present, and always include next action.

Reconfigure neurons

Have a specialist organise lean and effective in-person events to drive NEW KNOWLEDGE.

Cultivate talent

Discover PROCESSES that guide and support talent and creativity in Higher Education (HE) and Research & Development & Innovation (RDI).

Essential innovation

Dare and enjoy VISIONS of the future by connecting art & aesthetics with research & practice.

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